Choosing Between Flat Die Pellet or Ring Die Pellet Machine

If you wish to start manufacturing your own pellets, you need to know the right kind of equipment to buy for your venture. The first machine that you will need is the hammer mill. This is not a complicated machine to buy, since they all operate the same. You will only need to choose between the various sizes, capacities, power consumption, and brands.

choose pellet mill

The other important machine that you will need is the pellet-making machine. This is a bit complicated since there are 2 types of these pellet presses that you have to choose from. These 2 types are the Flat Die Pellet mill and the Ring Die Pellet mill. Both machines do the same function i.e. make pellets, but each is designed to operate in its own special way.

The difference between these 2 machine lies in the die used i.e. a plate with holes where the mill’s roller presses the raw materials to form the pellets. Therefore, you will need to know which pellet mill to buy, depending on the purpose that you intend to use it for. The major distinction between the 2 machines is that the Ring Die Pellet is more efficient in terms of power consumption and has a high output. Flat Die Pellet machine is more versatile since it has an adjustable pressure load.